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About Alicia (Tania) Head, alleged WTC 9/11 Imposter

Press Release: Updated October 10, 2007

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An article published in the New York Times on Sept. 27, 2007, revealed the imposter act that Alicia (Tania) Head has successfully played for over three years about being a 9/11/01 World Trade Center survivor.


Alicia (Tania) Head contacted me through the SurvivorGuidelines.org website early in 2004. She helped arrange for me to speak to the WTC 9/11 survivors group in New York later that year. When I met "Tania" in New York city in August, 2004, her burn-scarred right arm and hand gave her dramatic story about being in the South Tower on September 11, 2001, instant plausibility. Like others, I was taken in.

After I returned home "Tania" sent me a long e-mail on Sept. 2, 2004, thanking me for my sessions and support for the survivors group. In that letter she stated:

"I think I already told you that Dave's family doesn't want to go to the site this year. They get heartbroken with the way it looks. They don't like to see trains and construction trucks go by in their son's final resting place. Instead I proposed that we spend the day quietly at the Hamptons, a coastal area in Long Island, where Dave and I bought a house. Dave used to loved that place! We'll have a service there in the morning at a local church. Many friends are driving up there for the service as well. The priest is very nice and knows us well so we asked him if it could be a mass and a memorial service at the same time and he agreed. This means that we'll have friends and family come up and talk about Dave and we'll also play his favorite songs. In the evening we're going to have a sunset ceremony where we'll congregate at the beach and we'll throw flowers and messages for Dave into the ocean. His old band will play and we'll have a few beers and a BBQ just as he liked it. We'll then get a fire going and we'll talk about him all night till sunrise."

The revelations in the New York Times article about how none of her claims can be verified, raises questions about whether or not any of her statements in the paragraph above are true. Can evidence of "Tania" and Dave owning a home on Long Island be verified? Did a local priest hold a special memorial mass for Dave on the morning of 9/11/04? Can a gathering at a Long Island beach with Dave's family and old band be verified?

In the meantime, here is what I've learned that a Barcelona newspaper, La Vanguardia, has published in articles about "Tania" Head:

  • She is a Spanish citizen named Alicia Esteve Head.
  • When the NY Times article was seen in Barcelona with the photo of Alicia and ex-mayor Giuliani—taken in September, 2005, at the Tribute Center opening—Alicia's former co-workers, college classmates, and acquaintances were surprised that she fooled so many people with her contrived story. In Barcelona she is known for telling big lies about herself.
  • According to La Vanguardia, in Sept. 2001, Alicia Head was attending classes in a master's program at ESADE, a Barcelona university specializing in Economics.
  • Her arm was injured before 9/11/01. The story she told people in Barcelona was that her burn-scarred, deformed right arm was injured in an automobile accident in a Ferrari that she and her fiancÚ were racing at 200-kilometres (125-miles) per hour.
  • Alicia is from a prominent Barcelona family, she does not have to work to support herself. People who know her say she has few friends because she is always telling lies about herself.
  • Her family was involved in a financial scandal in 1992 that led to her father and brother serving prison terms.
  • The information was first reported in Barcelona newspaper, La Vanguardia. It was picked up by AVUI, and more.

  • Please see a copy of the English translation of AVUI article Suspected bogus 9/11 survivor from Barcelona or as posted in Spanish by the AVUI Newspaper of Spain

Al Siebert, Director, The Resiliency Center
Host of SurvivorGuidelines.org
Updated: October 10, 2007

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